Magenest is a digital solution agency providing full-scale digital ecosystem, which includes eCommerce platform, ERP Software, Customer Frontline Solution, and Cloud Infrastructure, operates in harmony, leveraging data to help businesses personalize customer touchpoints and optimize internal activities.

We are a Magento Business Solution Partner, a Ready Odoo Partner, a Salesforce Partner and an AWS Partner. With 5+ years of experience in implementing business solutions and development service for global clients, we have built a reputation in work quality and efficiency amongst SMEs and large corporates all over the world.


Why us?

We specialize in developing and customizing integration solutions for third-party business software and applications – including CRM, Accounting, Payment Gateways, and ERP Systems. We also venture into industry-specific solutions, such as for the hospitality industry, the event industry, and their complementing functionality, as well as Marketplace-ready solutions.

With our insights into eCommerce and our teams of Certified Specialists, we can deliver the most accurate and cost-effective solution for your business. When working with us, you will be presented with top-quality service and fast delivery time.

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